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For all types of musicians & genres whether it's singing, rapping or poetry. Recording your own written music can be accomplished at our brand new studio.Podcasts can also be recorded, edited and exported for you to take, upload and distribute on your social channels.Adverts are a great way to gain exposure for your brand new business. Here at Rival.Music, we can provide voice-overs and backing music for Radio, TV, and streaming platform adverts. 


Collaboration is a great way to expand your musical ideas and could potentially drive another fan base towards your music.While you are learning other musicians workflow and sharing your strengths and abilities in songwriting, performing and compositions, building relationships in the industry with like-minded people is essential.


Ever wanted to perform your favourite hit songs and re-release it into the charts? Covering songs has never been easier.We can record and set up your cover songs for online distribution using the correct legal procedure. Royalties will/must be paid to the original songwriter/distributor for that songwriter.As long as no recordings from the original track are used ( samples ) and it is not a remix, it is 100% legal to do cover songs.*Subject to approval*


For people wanting to learn how music is created from start to finish, one to one sessions are now available. Work alongside a producer with over 10 years experience in beat making, producing and all other aspects of music production. With hours at your request, learning and progression are achievable. Rival.Music uses Apple's Logic Pro X as its main DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) and Native Instruments hardware. With a list of industry standard Plug in's and VST's, you can learn everything there is to know, from basic knowledge to an advanced level.

Mixing & Mastering

Every recording processed in Rival.Music Studios come with a free Mixing and Mastering service. Rival.Music aims to produce the best quality audio for the Listener and Artists themselves. With time and precision, we can transform your work to compete with the current sound of today. Rival.Music is not limited to only processing a Mix and Mastering service in the studio. You can purchase one of our services through your account portal.

Publishing & Distribution

When releasing music through Rival.Music, we take care of all administration aspects, from distributing your royalties amongst all songwriters/composers to copyright and registering your works, so you get paid all royalties owed.Alongside Publishing we can get your music listed on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and 150+ more stores and streaming services when releasing through our label.

Price Table



Studio Session
£ 50


Studio Session
£ 135


Studio Session
£ 200


Project Sessions
£ 280 8hrs


Project Sessions
£ 480 16hrs


Project Sessions
£ 600 24hrs